The purpose of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (ANP) Program was to develop nuclear-powered airplanes. Twenty-six initial engine tests (IETs) were performed at INEL during late 1950s and early 1960s. Emissions from three tests (IETs #3, #4 and #10) were responsible for most of the releases during the ANP Program operations.

A rigorous analysis of releases from the IETs was hampered by the absence of original logbooks and other primary sampling data, which either no longer exist or have not yet been declassified for public use. Thus, for IETs #3, #4 and #10, only point estimates of total releases for each radionuclide were obtained on the basis of information retrieved from historical summary reports. The intent of the analysis of the selected IETs was to provide source terms that did not underestimate actual releases. A time-dependence of releases during a particular IET could not be determined. Due to the lack of detailed information, potential impacts of releases during the selected IETs in the ANP Program have only been investigated by performing screening calculations. A detailed reconstruction of doses resulting from releases during the ANP Program has not been performed at this time.

An analysis of the releases of 34 radionuclides in gaseous form or attached to particles is described in the following report:

Critical Review of Atmospheric Releases from IET/ANP

Principal authors:
Hans U. Behling, Sanford Cohen and Associates
John Mauro, Sanford Cohen and Associates