Dr. Reed has a broadly based background in biology, environmental science, and health concerns. At SENES Oak Ridge, she has been involved in researching parameters and demographic information for human health and ecological risk assessments, including the Oak Ridge (Tennessee) Dose Reconstruction Project, the Upper Mississippi River Navigation Study, and the Hydro Quebec Risk Assessment for electric and magnetic fields (EMF). In addition, she has had considerable experience in science writing and editing, with particular emphasis on integration of available information and clarity of complex concepts. She organizes, edits, and writes both proposals and project deliverables for SENES Oak Ridge in the area of risk analysis. Most recently, Dr. Reed is the principal author for the June, 2003, Health Physics article, “Comparison of doses and risks obtained from dose reconstructions for historical operations of federal facilities that supported the development, production, or testing of nuclear weapons.” Dr. Reed's experience includes twenty years' involvement with issues surrounding breastfeeding, including concerns about contaminants in breast milk and their health effects on breastfed children.

E-mail Dr. Reed at: senesor@senes.com